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Note: PointsAway Classic provides access to our wealth of past reviews, updates, reader case studies, and more. Each article describes attributes of award programs – and methods to earn points and miles – that were accurate at time of publication. In most cases, things have changed over the years. You may also find some links and images are no longer available. Please verify any information important to you remains accurate through your own independent research. These articles are provided on a courtesy basis to provide inspiration, but should not be relied upon in making any important decisions.

Points and miles have allowed me to book some incredible trips. We’ve already helped PointsAway readers discover how to use miles and points to save countless dollars flying hundreds of thousands of miles, but I thought it would be fun to keep a more precise list of the trips I have personally booked for myself and my family.

A couple notes: First, some of these trips haven’t taken place yet but are already ticketed for travel in the near future. A few don’t include me, such as a trip designed for my parents, but in each case, I’ve handled the booking details. Also, in a few cases, we’ve used a fixed-redemption program like Barclaycard Arrival, gift cards offset by statement credits on American Express Platinum or the Pay-With-Points options available through Ultimate Rewards and Membership Rewards. These flights are often cheaper than traditional miles redemptions, though, since these also totally take care of the taxes and fees!

Below, we use airline codes to describe the programs used. If we used a pay-with-points option for some or all of the ticket, we’ll indicate that by including UR for Ultimate Rewards, MR for Membership Rewards or AR for Arrival Card Travel Credit.

We include the distance of connections and stopovers but not open-jaws in this list, so we’re counting up miles the same way airline programs would.

Without further ado, here’s a running list of all the award trips I’ve booked to date

Trip Route Program Date Miles Flown # of Pax Total Miles
JAX-ATL-PDX DL 07/13 2,442 1 2,442
PDX-LAS WN 07/13 763 1 763
LAS-ATL-JAX DL 07/13 2,016 1 2,016
JFK-LHR AA 10/13 3,451 4 13,804
CDG-MIA-MCO AA 11/13 4,780 4 19,120
MCO-DEN-LAS F9+AR 12/13 2,175 1 2,175
LAS-DEN-MCO F9+AR 12/13 2,175 1 2,175
JAX-ATL WN 2/14 270 1 270
JAX-DEN-PDX WN 03/14 2,438 1 2,438
PDX-LAS VX 03/14 763 1 763
LAS-ATL-JAX WN 04/14 2,016 1 2,016
JAX-BOS B6+UR 04/14 1,010 2 2,020
BOS-ATL-JAX WN 04/14 1,216 2 2,432
MIA-MXP AA 04/14 4,930 2 9,860
ZRH-TXL-MIA AA 05/14 5,384 2 10,768
JAX-MIA AA 05/14 335 2 670
MIA-JAX AA 05/14 335 2 670
JAX-JFK B6 05/14 828 1 828
JFK-JAX DL(UR) 05/14 828 1 828
MCO-LAX-NAN-AKL AA First/FJ Biz (AA) 07/14 9,072 1 9,072
AKL-SYD LAN Biz (Avios) 07/14 1,345 1 1,345
SYD-BKK-HKG Thai Biz (UA) 07/14 4,479 2 8,958
HKG-TPE-KIX CX Biz (Avios) 07/14 1,560 1 1,560
ITM-HND JL (Avios) 07/14 251 1 251
NRT-JFK JL Biz (AA) 07/14 6,745 1 6,745
JFK-MCO B6 (MR) 07/14 944 1 944
MIA-LAS-ANC AA 07/14 4,479 2 8,958
SEA-ABQ-MCO WN 08/14 2,733 2 5,466
Total: 28 Trips to Date 116,110 Total Miles Circumference of Earth: 24,901 Miles 4.66x Around the Earth

Hotel Redemptions

While less of our points and miles thus far have been used toward hotel stays, we’ve been fortunate enough to use them at some of the finest hotels in the world. Thus far, we’ve booked free (or highly discounted, if noted with an asterisk) rooms using points as follows:

* – Cash + Points Booking.

Last Updated: January 2014

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