A Brief Pause…

A Brief Pause…


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I’d hoped to post updates on a daily basis over the course of my trip and for a fair amount of time afterwards until I shared all the stories I collected along the way. If you count this as a post, then that streak won’t be broken! However, I’m just a bit too tired and moving a bit too quickly to share my thoughts on Sydney just yet. I can’t wait to share the things I saw around town, how I enjoyed my stay at the Hilton Sydney, the kangaroos and dingos and dolphins and koalas I saw on my second day in Australia and much more.

Of course, then I’ll need to continue with the story of my two flights in Thai Business Class, first from Sydney to Bangkok and then on to Hong Kong. And you can expect I’ll be sharing my experience getting a suit made in less than 48 hours by one of the world’s best-known suit shops, Sam’s Tailor, in Hong Kong. I can’t skip over how Victoria’s Peak and “The Peak” aren’t exactly the same thing, and how I learned that the hard way, or how I found an absolutely superb place for lunch overlooking the whole of Hong Kong that you have to see to believe. Tomorrow, I’m setting out to collect some more stories from Macau and the Cotai Strip, the so-called Vegas of the east. After that, it’s on to Osaka on Cathay Pacific Business Class via Taiwan, and then Kyoto and finally Tokyo, each of which will hopefully lead to ever more stories.

There’s much to share, but I want to ensure I’m not spending too many waking hours writing right now instead of seeing things firsthand. I’d rather tell a story a few days later than not have one at all. On this trip of more than 25,000 miles in 14 days, excluding all the ground covered between flights on the ground, I figured out I’m averaging 70 miles per hour even while I’m asleep. When you’re moving that fast, it’s easy to miss things, and I don’t want to miss a single one.

I’ll be back on Monday with more!

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