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  • Africa For the Kids: Boston to Windhoek, Namibia 6

    For the Kids: Boston to Windhoek, Namibia

    Image courtesy: Reaching the Goal  Trip Information After retiring, reader Linda and her husband Bill spent a year teaching children in Rundu, Namibia. After seeing the plight of these children firsthand, they decided to take more action after their time teaching had finished. In 2009, they founded Reaching the Goal for African Children. The charity […]

  • Chase Ink From Tampa to Karachi

    From Tampa to Karachi

    Image courtesy: Faisal Saeed  Trip Information PointsAway reader Owais wants to visit his family in Pakistan next Summer. He’ll need to fly from Tampa or another nearby city in Florida and would like to spend at least a week and a half there, but is otherwise flexible in his planning. Current Program Status Owais is […]

  • Europe Turkey for Pennies: Chicago to Istanbul, Antalya & Luxembourg 6

    Turkey for Pennies: Chicago to Istanbul, Antalya & Luxembourg

    Image courtesy: Surreal Name Given  Trip Information PointsAway reader Donna is planning to meet up with her family in Turkey. Coming from five different locations, they plan to converge on Istanbul on February 14th, 2014. From there, she wants to continue on to Antalya, Turkey on February 17th, then spend a few days in Luxembourg […]

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