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  • Barclaycard Arrival From Pittsburgh to Spain & Italy…For Free!

    From Pittsburgh to Spain & Italy…For Free!

    Image courtesy: Les Haines  Trip Information Mike would like to travel from Pittsburgh to Spain and Italy with his wife. He’s been brushing up on his Spanish with Rosetta Stone and is looking for a chance to put his newly-refined language skills to use. Mike and his wife want to experience the food, tour a […]

  • North America Off To Philadelphia For $10 Or Less

    Off To Philadelphia For $10 Or Less

    Image courtesy: Michael Righi  Trip Information Reader Terrell wants to travel from Jacksonville to Philadelphia sometime this August. His best friend attends medical school there and Terrell would like to surprise him for his birthday. Terrell’s new to miles and points travel, with neither any balances in frequent flyer or hotel loyalty programs or any […]

  • American Airlines BA Avios & US Air – A Reader Case Of Savings 12

    BA Avios & US Air – A Reader Case Of Savings

    Image courtesy: American Airlines  Trip Information Reader Kevin wants to travel from Washington, DC to Toronto sometime this Summer. He’s new to the miles and points game, but his trip provides us with a great opportunity to dive into the great new award flights available using British Airways Avios thanks to US Air’s entry into […]

  • Backpacking South America On A Shoestring

    Image courtesy: Madeleine Holland  Trip Information Reader Aaron went backpacking through Southeast Asia with his girlfriend of four years late in 2013. When planning their last trip, they were unaware of the savings that points and miles programs can bring. Since then, Araon’s wised up to the possibilities and begun judiciously racking up balances with […]

  • American Airlines 78% Off Christmas Vacation in Jamaica

    78% Off Christmas Vacation in Jamaica

    Image courtesy: Tomash Devenishek  Trip Information Reader Elena found a 30% off deal for a Christmas vacation in Jamaica at an all-inclusive resort. To take advantage of this, she needs to find flights for four total passengers from Minneapolis. She’s looking to travel from December 20th until the 28th. She has one or two days […]

  • Alaska Europe & Alaska, Take Two 2

    Europe & Alaska, Take Two

    Image courtesy: kuhnmi  Trip Information Reader Liz saw the plan we showed off back in January allowing my parents to head to Europe and Alaska on the same award ticket. Now, she’s wondering if the same kind of concept can work for her. Liz is looking to travel with her husband in the Fall of […]

  • British Airways Dr. Who’s Fez: LAX to London & Morocco

    Dr. Who’s Fez: LAX to London & Morocco

    Image courtesy: BBC  Trip Information Rachel’s children are huge fans of Dr. Who and Harry Potter. She’d like to take both of her kids and her husband on a trip to the UK in order to see some of the locations made famous in both franchises, in London and Cardiff. As a Beatles fan, she […]

  • Africa For the Kids: Boston to Windhoek, Namibia 6

    For the Kids: Boston to Windhoek, Namibia

    Image courtesy: Reaching the Goal  Trip Information After retiring, reader Linda and her husband Bill spent a year teaching children in Rundu, Namibia. After seeing the plight of these children firsthand, they decided to take more action after their time teaching had finished. In 2009, they founded Reaching the Goal for African Children. The charity […]

  • Asia Meeting Family for the First Time: Boston to Tokyo

    Meeting Family for the First Time: Boston to Tokyo

    Trip Information Reader Michael is hoping to travel with his wife and son from Boston to Tokyo in either May or October of this year. This will be the first time their child has had the opportunity to visit Japan and meet his relatives, making this a particularly special occasion. In order to make the […]

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