• American Airlines Family Reunion in China, With a Hawaiian Twist 6

    Family Reunion in China, With a Hawaiian Twist

    Image courtesy: drnan tu  Trip Information PointsAway reader Connie is planning for a family reunion in China after six years of being separated. She wants to find tickets for her family to go from St. Louis to Beijing from mid-May to mid-June 2014. However, she’d also like to build in a stopover in Hawaii – […]

  • Asia Around the World for -2¢ Per Person 5

    Around the World for -2¢ Per Person

    Image courtesy: Swaminathan  Trip Information PointsAway reader Kevin first began traveling while in college. Never having left the United States prior to a study abroad in Italy, he followed that experience up with a month of backpacking through Europe following graduation. Now more than a year out of college, Kevin has a new target in […]

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