South America

  • Backpacking South America On A Shoestring

    Image courtesy: Madeleine Holland  Trip Information Reader Aaron went backpacking through Southeast Asia with his girlfriend of four years late in 2013. When planning their last trip, they were unaware of the savings that points and miles programs can bring. Since then, Araon’s wised up to the possibilities and begun judiciously racking up balances with […]

  • Alaska Airlines South America With The Family for 90% Off

    South America With The Family for 90% Off

    Image courtesy: Serious Cat  Trip Information Reader Clarissa is planning well in advance of Spring Break next year. She and her husband are hoping to take their two children on their first international trip. The kids’ spring break from school lasts from April 3rd until the 10th of 2015. They’re looking to spend around 12-14 […]

  • Asia In Case Of Emergency: Using Points When You Need to Leave ASAP 1

    In Case Of Emergency: Using Points When You Need to Leave ASAP

    Image courtesy: Sasha Maksymenko  Our focus is almost always on dream trips and fun adventures, but sometimes the world doesn’t conspire in our favor and you just need to get out of Dodge in a hurry. Let’s say you’d planned an interesting excursion to the coast of the Black Sea months ago or thought popping […]

  • Aeromexico “Someplace Warmer” – Portland to El Salvador 2

    “Someplace Warmer” – Portland to El Salvador

    Trip Information Reader Tiffany wants to head with her family from Portland to someplace warmer early next year. She’s looking for a trip to somewhere in Central or South America or the Caribbean. Having previously been to Costa Rica and Jamaica, they’d like to try someplace new and spend between 7-12 days total on the […]

  • Air Canada From San Diego to the World Cup 4

    From San Diego to the World Cup

    Image courtesy: Hector Garcia  Trip Information PointsAway reader Alanna wants to travel with her husband from San Diego to Rio De Janeiro for the World Cup in July 2014. She’s interested in learning about any stopover opportunities that may exist in order to maximize her trip’s value. She’s also considering bringing her son, who will […]

  • Alaska Far, Far Away On A Shoestring 1

    Far, Far Away On A Shoestring

    Trip Information PointsAway reader Darrell gave us an interesting challenge. Sending us the lyrics to 1970s band Slade’s song “Far, Far Away”, Darrell wanted to see if we could cook up a plan to travel to all of the locations mentioned in the song. According to the lyrics found here, we need a plan taking […]

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