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  • More Rewards PointsAway Update!

    PointsAway Update!

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to update the site on a regular basis. Hopefully, that changes now. As you may know, two massive new PointsAway projects have recently launched. PointsAway: 2015 Edition First, we released PointsAway 2015, the latest version of our definitive guide to using miles and points for free […]

  • PointsAway: The Book Wander The Map Reviews The PointsAway Book!

    Wander The Map Reviews The PointsAway Book!

    You might remember our recent conversation with Jenna from Wander The Map. Wander The Map is a great blog and photo journal of travel near and far from home and should be on your regular list of sites to check out. That’s why I was thrilled to see Jenna take the time to review the […]

  • PointsAway: The Book PointsAway Book Now Available in PDF!

    PointsAway Book Now Available in PDF!

    Great news! The PointsAway – The Deluxe Edition is now available in PDF format! If you have an iPad or Mac, the version available on iBooks is still best for you, but this new PDF edition is a fantastic option for Kindle Fire, Android tablet and PC users. Here’s how you can get it now: […]

  • PointsAway PointsAway On First Coast News! 4

    PointsAway On First Coast News!

    Lew Turner of Jacksonville’s First Coast News gave us a challenge on Tuesday night: get somewhere and back on the same day, as soon as possible. An hour later, flights for the next day were booked and tickets were in hand for a six hour roundtrip to Miami for a grand total of $5 a […]

  • PointsAway: The Book PointsAway Available Now On iBooks! 2

    PointsAway Available Now On iBooks!

    After many months of work, the definitive guide to free travel, including every single tip, trick and secret I know, is now available. Head on over to the special page I’ve set up about the book to learn more and to check out the first chapter for free. Thanks so much for your support!

  • PointsAway True Freedom 1

    True Freedom

    Image courtesy: Christopher Michel  It’s been a long time coming. On Tuesday, after more than a half year’s work, I’ll finally have the chance to share the PointsAway book with you. I’ve done my best to distill hundreds of hours of research into 25 easy-to-understand chapters, covering everything you need to know to travel like […]

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Casey Ayers is a consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for travel. After amassing enough miles and points to travel anywhere in the world for almost free in less than six months, he developed PointsAway as a way to help others make travel dreams big and small come true.
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