“Wow! Just One Word Earned Us 40,000 Points.”

“Wow! Just One Word Earned Us 40,000 Points.”


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Very exciting news to share today! Less than two weeks after launching, we already have a success story from a PointsAway reader.

JW read our piece on conquering minimum spend requirements and was able to create a plan for success in earning a bonus on the new Chase Sapphire Preferred card he recently received.

If you have a success story, let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

Note from Reader JW

Hi Casey,

Just a quick note to thank you for your info on the Chase Sapphire. I signed up and its on its way to me – thanks. I was worried that I wouldnt be able to come up with 3k in 3 months so I also went ahead with setting up the Bluebird and VR, but guess what: I remember you said to Focus in your piece on conquering minimum spend requirements, so I sat down and went through the bills I pay every month. These include all the utilities at our home and at a condo we own to check and see if I could set them up for payment via the Sapphire.

Lo and Behold, I was shocked! Thanks for telling us to focus. I should be able to switch

8 different bill that I normally pay every month via my Bank of America Bill Pay over to Sapphire and pay on the card while still using my bill pay system.

If you add in the food we buy at Walmart every week, I should easily exceed 3K even when I’m going to be traveling for an extended period during the 3 month time limit for the card. I wouldn’t have believed it possible if you hadn’t said to Focus! And, I will still have the Bluebird set up just in case we need something to help push us over the top.

Wow! Thanks for at least 40,000 miles. Now we have to figure out where to go! Thanks again. Greatly appreciated!!! I still can’t believe it!!!

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