PointsAway 2015: Now Available!

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PointsAway 2015: Now Available!


Note: PointsAway Classic provides access to our wealth of past reviews, updates, reader case studies, and more. Each article describes attributes of award programs – and methods to earn points and miles – that were accurate at time of publication. In most cases, things have changed over the years. You may also find some links and images are no longer available. Please verify any information important to you remains accurate through your own independent research. These articles are provided on a courtesy basis to provide inspiration, but should not be relied upon in making any important decisions.

It’s finally here!

After months of hard work, PointsAway: 2015 Edition is now available! Expanding on last year’s guide was no small feat, but PointsAway: 2015 Edition takes everything to the next level. New this year are seven additional chapters focused on…

  • Singapore Airlines: Learn how to book some of the finest first class suites in the skies!
  • Virgin America: A new chapter is dedicated to my favorite domestic airline.
  • Virgin Atlantic: Fly in style with all you need to know about Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club program.
  • IHG: InterContinental Hotels Group is the world’s largest hotel chain, and now you’ll be ready to book free stays at some of their finest locations worldwide.
  • Cruise Programs: Learn how to own the high seas with inside info on Carnival and Royal Caribbean.
  • Las Vegas: Live the high roller’s life with two new chapters dedicated to MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.

In addition, you’ll find complete updates to all of the great chapter’s featured in last year’s edition. This includes almost complete rewrites of the chapters dedicated to Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, given the big changes that each program has recently seen.

I wrote PointsAway to pay forward the travel hacking techniques I’ve learned over the years to readers like you. I’ve taken dream trips that would have never been possible without miles and points, and I want you to be able to do the same.

That’s why we’re offering PointsAway for just $4.99 for a limited time across all platforms!

This is honestly a pretty ludicrous deal, given how much you’ll save on just your first trip with miles and points, but I want to make points and miles travel accessible to as many people as possible. So, please grab your copy now, before the price goes up!

Reading on iPad? Grab the App Store version!

Reading on Kindle? Here you go!

Reading on anything else? There’s a PDF version, too!

Learn more and see our short preview video here!

Happy travels,

Casey Ayers
Managing Editor • PointsAway

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