• California Review: Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf

    Review: Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf

    Image courtesy: Hyatt Hotels  When it came time to end our train journey in San Francisco, one of the most vexing challenges facing me was where we might want to stay for a night. After all, it would obviously be a free night, thanks to points, but there were just so many options. I could […]

  • Amtrak Riding the Coast Starlight

    Riding the Coast Starlight

    Image courtesy: Loco Steve  Learn more about our journey from Chicago to Portland on Empire Builder After a few hours in Portland, it was time to continue our epic train journey across the country. After several days on the Empire Builder line coming from Chicago, we were ready to continue south to San Francisco on […]

  • Amtrak Riding the Empire Builder

    Riding the Empire Builder

    Learn more about Amtrak’s on-board experience here! We left Chicago in the early afternoon and began our trek west. Checking the route’s timeline, it seemed likely I’d head to bed sometime after the St. Paul-Minneapolis stop, and that we’d have daylight through Illinois, Wisconsin and a portion of Minnesota. After we’d settled into our roomette, […]

  • Amtrak What It’s Like Riding Amtrak in a Roomette 3

    What It’s Like Riding Amtrak in a Roomette

    Image courtesy: Amtrak  I was a little nervous about beginning our train adventure. My only previous Amtrak experience was a two hour hop from Washington to Philadelphia, and now we were about to embark on a three day land voyage from Chicago to Portland on Empire Builder and on to San Francisco on Coast Starlight. […]

  • Amtrak Planning An Amtrak Adventure

    Planning An Amtrak Adventure

    Image courtesy: Bruce Fingerhood  I wasn’t happy about the prospect of flying right home. I was planning to fly up to Chicago from Jacksonville with my girlfriend to accompany her for a grad school interview and had booked our flights on Southwest. For the flight up, I used Southwest gift cards purchased using our American […]

  • Features Sick at the Staywell: An MGM Grand Review

    Sick at the Staywell: An MGM Grand Review

    Image courtesy: Leonardo Pallota  After my stay in Salt Lake City, I headed not home, but on to Las Vegas. It seems like every time I head out west, whether to Salt Lake, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles or elsewhere, I somehow find a way to convince myself that spending a few days in Vegas […]

  • Uncategorized Review: The Grand America Hotel

    Review: The Grand America Hotel

    I was out in Salt Lake City recently for Pluralsight’s Author Summit 2015. I just started working with the online training company last year to develop a series of courses preparing students for the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam. Working with them has been an extraordinary pleasure thus far, because the company has been first […]

  • More Rewards Introducing PointsAway – More Rewards!

    Introducing PointsAway – More Rewards!

    Miles and points can bring your dream trip within reach, and there’s no easier way to earn them than through everyday spending. Juggling credit cards can be a hassle, though, as is keeping track of which cards give you the best rewards for any particular purchase. Earn the Most Points, Every Time! That’s where PointsAway […]

  • Features PointsAway 2015: Now Available!

    PointsAway 2015: Now Available!

    It’s finally here! After months of hard work, PointsAway: 2015 Edition is now available! Expanding on last year’s guide was no small feat, but PointsAway: 2015 Edition takes everything to the next level. New this year are seven additional chapters focused on… Singapore Airlines: Learn how to book some of the finest first class suites […]

  • Compilations Top 10 Travel Experiences of 2014

    Top 10 Travel Experiences of 2014

    This has been an incredible year for me personally when it comes to travel. I set a new all-time record for miles flown, clocking in at a total of 38,808 miles. That’s not too shabby given the relative quiet of this Autumn and the fact that it doesn’t include several big trips in the final […]

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