• More Rewards PointsAway Update!

    PointsAway Update!

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to update the site on a regular basis. Hopefully, that changes now. As you may know, two massive new PointsAway projects have recently launched. PointsAway: 2015 Edition First, we released PointsAway 2015, the latest version of our definitive guide to using miles and points for free […]

  • Uncategorized PointsAway Returns!

    PointsAway Returns!

    We’ve been awfully quiet so far this year. After relaunching PointsAway with a brand new design great for exploring the stories and case studies we’ve created together over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t been in touch or posted much in the way of new content. Sure, we’ve checked in on […]

  • Uncategorized Now Arriving: The New PointsAway! 2

    Now Arriving: The New PointsAway!

    Image courtesy: John T Howard  Welcome to the brand new, totally redesigned! A few weeks ago, I announced that we’d be making some big changes to the website, and I’m happy to share them with you today. I loved the journal-like aesthetic of the old site, but it had one huge issue: because of […]

  • Award Odometer Award Odometer

    Award Odometer

    Points and miles have allowed me to book some incredible trips. We’ve already helped PointsAway readers discover how to use miles and points to save countless dollars flying hundreds of thousands of miles, but I thought it would be fun to keep a more precise list of the trips I have personally booked for myself […]

  • Project Pacific Circle A Brief Pause…

    A Brief Pause…

    I’d hoped to post updates on a daily basis over the course of my trip and for a fair amount of time afterwards until I shared all the stories I collected along the way. If you count this as a post, then that streak won’t be broken! However, I’m just a bit too tired and […]

  • PointsAway Q&A: TravelJunkette

    TravelJunkette is the home of Susan Shain. She’s been working seasonal and adventure jobs and traveling the world since 2008. Her blog focuses on how people can work their way around the world by taking part in some really cool opportunities, such as teaching in schools, guiding tour groups and much more. We sat down […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: Dovertime

    PointsAway Q&A: Dovertime

    Dovertime is a miles and points site published by Kyle Dover, University of Florida alum who works by day as a CPA in Oregon. Kyle’s burned hundreds of thousands of miles and points since he first began learning the secrets of free travel at an early age, and has seen parts of the world that […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: Miles For Family 1

    PointsAway Q&A: Miles For Family

    Online since last July, Miles For Family follows the points and miles life of Leana, a stay-at-home mom who loves to travel. She doesn’t have a lot of money, so she had to find other ways to afford being able to explore the world. She created her blog to provide advice for her friends and […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: The Girl & Globe

    PointsAway Q&A: The Girl & Globe

    The Girl & Globe is a travel journal written by Becky, a 27-year old Richmond, Virginia native who has spent the past several years hopping across the globe. Thus far, Becky has visited 44 US states, 20 countries and four continents. Her trip reports cover the places she’s been and what she’s discovered along the […]

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